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a trivalent metalloid element

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The effects of dietary boron compounds in supplemented diet on hormonal activity and some biochemical parameters in rats.
Izvlecheniye soyedineniy bora iz vody v protsesse baromembrannoy obrabotki [Extraction of boron compounds from water in the process of baromembrane processing].
The side event today at the General Conference highlighted the current status of the therapy through presentations from researchers on the successful use of new, more effective boron compounds in treatment and subsequent therapy with neutron beams from accelerators and research reactors.
These three products of boron compounds in the glass industry is the main place of consumption [8].
Good fixation of the boron compounds was observed after the leaching test, and they also showed an excellent antifungal activity against both Coriolus versicolor and Tyromyces palustris.
After analyzing the FTIR spectra of PR-HBPB treated at different temperatures between 220 and 600[degrees]C, the structural changes of boron compounds in the modified resin are further studied by B1s XPS spectra at the higher temperatures.
The most important borate deposits are located in the USA, Argentina, Turkey, Chile, Russia, China and Peru, where total boron compounds production reached around 2.
is involved in the research, development and manufacture of boron compounds, with special emphasis on providing solid materials for hydrogen generation for fuel cells.
Roskill says that smaller end-uses of boron compounds with potential for future growth include flame retardants, in which borates are used in place of, or in addition to, antimony trioxide, and in neodymium-iron-boron magnets, which are used in applications where high ratios of magnetic strength to weight are required.
The interaction between boron compounds and potassium and chlorine also needs further study to establish more generally the expected changes in the smelt and superheater deposit melting properties.
They contain no silicates, phosphates or chelating agents and the strong inhibition properties, giving inhibition to exceed UNI 9374/9375, are not derived from toxic nitrites, boron compounds or oils.
This is due to a combination of heavier density boron compounds and a lack of dissolution in the metal.
According to the court, the EPA based the site toxicity and persistence scores on unspecified, highly toxic boron compounds without any attempt to learn what the actual form of boron was in the groundwater at the site.
Prospects for the consumption of boron compounds as bleaching agents in detergents appear good.
Boron compounds often resemble those made of carbon (SN: 6/20/92, p.