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a trivalent metalloid element

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In his lecture, Suzuki gave an historical perspective of his reaction in the context of progress in boron chemistry, developed the theme of use of organoboron coupling reactions for the synthesis of dienes and biaryls, and, concentrating on work from other laboratories, provided an up-to-date report on the numerous applications of the Suzuki reaction inbioactive molecule and natural product synthesis.
Anacor's research collaboration with Lilly is focused on the use of Anacor's boron chemistry to discover products for a variety of animal health applications.
Proceeds from the financing will be used to further develop Anacor's product pipeline based on its boron chemistry platform.
We are pleased to complete this financing, which will allow us to advance our five clinical programs and to identify and progress new compounds derived from our boron chemistry platform," said David Perry, Chief Executive Officer at Anacor Pharmaceuticals.
Kurt is a noted expert in the field of small molecule drugs involved in inflammation and his expertise will enrich our team as we continue to expand our pipeline fed by our boron chemistry platform.