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Russian chess master who moved to Paris

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In 1972, at the age of 29, in Reykjavik, Iceland, Fischer defeated Boris Spassky and became the first American-born player to become international champion.
The world chess championship between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky in Reykjavik in 1972 was my first big reporting assignment.
Fischer first came to prominence as a teenager, becoming US champion at 14, but he shot to fame in 1972 when he beat Boris Spassky to the title of chess World Champion in what was dubbed "the match of the century".
Bobby Fischer lives on: His triumph over Boris Spassky will always be the answer to people who insist on narrow definitions of "sport" -- who think it's important to say what is and isn't a sport or an athlete.
Amid the stalemate in the Japanese bureaucracy, what finally broke the ice was Iceland's decision to give Fischer full citizenship on March 22, reflecting Iceland's gratitude to Fischer for boosting their nation to global prominence with his 1972 historic chess showdown against longtime rival Boris Spassky of the former Soviet Union in Reykjavik during the Cold War.
In 1992, Fischer--in defiance of a UN embargo, and after spitting on a letter of warning from the State Department--played a rematch against his storied Russian chess opponent, world champion Boris Spassky.
The arms race, the space race, and the Olympic games are common examples, and even the 1972 world championship chess match between Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer seemed less about chess and more about whether "our guy" could beat "their guy.
When one watched champion chess players such as Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer considering their next moves in a chess match, one observed humans deep in thought.
Chess player Boris Spassky and actress Vanessa Redgrave (Jan 30, 1937).
The makers of the chess set used by 1972 champions Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer also make a range of other board games, including Scrabble, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Risk.
The 12-match series is the most hotly anticipated since the epic 1972 contest between US star Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky, in which the American ended 24 years of soviet dominance in the competition.
The exhibit commemorates the game's most famous match between the mercurial Fischer and the Soviet Union's Boris Spassky, played out amid the tensions of the Cold War in the Icelandic capital in 1972.
Fischer became a pop culture sensation due to his incredible playing and the Cold War matchup between him and Russian player Boris Spassky, the defending world chess champion.
New Films This Week Bobby Fischer Against The World (12A) At 15, he was already the world's youngest grandmaster, then in 1972, at 29, he fought the chess equivalent of the Cold War, defeating Russian opponent Boris Spassky to become World Champion.
Just opened a FaSCinaTinG documentary about the bizarre life of american chess master Bobby Fischer, whose matches against Russian master Boris Spassky led to his downfall and a life on the run.