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a native or resident of Puerto Rico

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Co-creators of Boriqua Chicks, Rebecca Dailey-Wooley and Raquel Dailey-Parham, utilize their platform to give readers a fresh, urban, afro-latina perspective on popular celebrity news stories and real life topics.
Alli Bello and Group Fonda Boriqua All-Stars appeared at Fonda Boriqua Lounge on 106th St.
Boriqua Posse recording artist performing artist VNova, performing artist Mikey D, Olga Papkovitch CEO of PopImpressKA Journal, the cast of Fuse Channel's GFELLA, cast members from Jersey Shore, cast members of Bravo's Princesses Long Island,Raquel Bromwell of Lush Locks Hair Extensions, Mikey Knuckles from GTHING on Fuse TV and more stars are being confirmed daily.