Puerto Rican

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a native or resident of Puerto Rico

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Boriqua Posse recording artist performing artist VNova, performing artist Mikey D, Olga Papkovitch CEO of PopImpressKA Journal, the cast of Fuse Channel's G-THING, cast members from Jersey Shore, cast members of Bravo's Princesses Long Island,Raquel Bromwell of Lush Locks Hair Extensions, Mikey Knuckles from G-THING on Fuse TV and more stars are being confirmed daily.
Puerto Rican diners can enjoy a regionally-inspired Boriqua Burger made with amarillos (sweet plantain) which they can then customize at the legendary Build Your Own produce bar, offering a fantastic array of fixings, including sun-ripened tomatoes, lettuce, sliced onions, dill pickles, pico de gallo and Fuddruckers cheese sauce.