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Synonyms for Borgia

Italian pope whose nepotism put the Borgia family in power in Italy (1378-1458)

Italian noblewoman and patron of the arts (1480-1519)

Italian cardinal and military leader

Pope and father of Cesare Borgia and Lucrezia Borgia (1431-1503)

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The man whom Machiavelli took as his model was Cesare Borgia, who summoned all his enemies to a meeting at Senigallia and then had them all strangled.
Colin Farrell has put his name forward for a part in a planned Neil Jordan's epic on the Borgia family which turned the Vatican into a den of crime and sex.
In June, he is reported to have strangled and drowned the young lord of Faenza, Astorre Manfredi, who had been taken prisoner by Cesare Borgia.
Lucky Ewan is due to start filming in Italy shortly in new drama Borgia, based on the bloodthirsty Renaissance family famed for incest and murder.
John Lovelock, a south London punter and the first winner of the Tote's Scoop6, nominated Borgia to net him pounds 200,000 on top of the pounds 177,000 he won last week by winning the Sunley Stakes (Handicap).
I reckon it will be between Nichol Fifty, Borgia, who I saw run well at Kempton two outings ago, Male-Ana- Mou and Il Principe, who is in good form," said John.
Further overseas interest is provided by Borgia, trained in Germany by Andreas Schutz.
CONTACT: Regina Borgia or Ann Weathersby for Chrysler-Plymouth, 212-484-7400, or Anita Pedersen of Spyder Active Sports, Inc.
Commenting on the award, John Borgia, Vivendi Universal's Senior Executive Vice President for Human Resources, said: "We are honored to receive such an important award as it recognizes the responsibility and commitment our company feels toward building a close partnership with our employees and responding directly to their issues and concerns.
Francis Borgia, consisting among others in completing the survey dismantled sculpture, performance evaluation of laboratory samples, selection and basic material preparation, processing an updated design progress, making selected parts of the sculpture, to assess the quality and level of the original, make a copy and figural base game, stocking copy sculpture with pedestal back into place.
Irish-based actor Jeremy Irons has signed up to play Roderigo Borgia, who becomes Pope Alexander V1 in the epic tale of power, sex, corruption and greed.
The Burning of the Vanities: Savonarola and the Borgia Pope.
This is becoming a bit of a trend for Scarlett as she has charmed the painter Vermeer in The Girl With A Pearl Earring and will soon be seen as Lucrezia Borgia in Neil Jordan's historical epic Borgia.
Energetic Colin currently has six other movies in the pipeline - Ask The Dusk, Miami Vice, I'm Not There, Pride And Glory and Borgia making him one of the hardest working actors in the business.
Like Lucretia Borgia, the rather innocent third wife of Alfonso, duke of Ferrara, whose reputation was forever sullied by Gregorovius, the Florentine's reputation grew out of the bitter polemics of the Reformation.