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Synonyms for boreal

Synonyms for boreal

comprising or throughout far northern regions


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Species which produced the most seed mass in moist soil unit six exclosures included Abutilon theophrasli, Setaria pumila, and Echinochloa muricata, while the species which produced the most reproductive biomass in the open areas included Abutilon theophrasli, Ambrosia artemisiifolia, and Dichanthelium boreale.
Some scientists believe Chasma Boreale was created when volcanic heat melted the bottom of the ice sheet and triggered a catastrophic flood.
Northern Bedstraw Galium boreale grows as a tall groundcover 20-50 cm tall (8"-20").
From India he returned via Central Asia, to Poland, Hungary, Germany 'e il resto di quella boreale orrida terra' to England and the Thames.
Parasitism of damselflies Enallagma boreale by gregarines: sex biases and relations to adult survivorship.
L'essor de l'ecocitoyennete au Quebec : les cas de l'action boreale de l'Abitibi-Temiscaminque et de l'Union paysanne.
En effet, les reformes resultent en bonne partie des debats publics ayant eu lieu sur des questions de developpement territorial, que ce soit la problematique de l'etalement urbain, l'enjeu du developpement rural ou qu'il s'agisse de la controverse sur l'etat de la foret boreale.
That colt was easily the pick of a rather disappointing brood out of Boreale, who had four non-runners and five non-winners among her 14 foals.
80): "Ci sono due indirizzi spirituali, dicono, per conoscere: quello boreale della scienza, e l'ardente della fantasia.
En 1910, la foret boreale representait la source principale de nouvelles terres.
In keeping with its effort to appeal to a wide audience, the web has nabbed commercial broadcaster TF1's news anchorwoman, Claire Chazal, as one of its celebrity presenters, while the channel's gay identity is reinforced by such folk as transsexual sportscaster Brigitte Boreale.
Le regime naturel des incendies forestiers: un guide pour l'amenagement durable de la foret boreale.
Atlas des foraminiferes planctoniques du Cretace superieur moyen (Mer boreale et Tethys).
We describe observations of the acoustic behavior of the scaly cricket Hoplosphyrum boreale (Scudder), a common scaly-cricket (Orthoptera: Gryllidae: Mogoplistinae) of southern California and the desert southwest.
Botrychium boreale and Botrychium gallicomontanum are putative tetraploids, and the identity of the chloroplast parents of these two species is unknown.