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Synonyms for border



border on something


Synonyms for border

a fairly narrow line or space forming a boundary

the line or area separating geopolitical units

to put or form a border on

to be contiguous or next to

border on: to come near, as in quality or amount

Synonyms for border

the boundary line or the area immediately inside the boundary

the boundary of a surface

a decorative recessed or relieved surface on an edge

a strip forming the outer edge of something

form the boundary of

enclose in or as if in a frame

provide with a border or edge


lie adjacent to another or share a boundary

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Bordes also lauded gates made by Tymetal Corporation and Radian.
Additionally, Bordes will lead the development and implementation of initiatives specifically targeted to empower consumers to enrich quality of life through fitness.
French Group 1 chase winner Utopie Des Bordes repaid a sliver of the [euro]255,000 it cost to buy her by landing a PS5,000 2m1/2f mares' novice hurdle on her British debut.
While she switches back to hurdles here, Utopie Des Bordes looks a class act.
com Mares' Hurdle three times in the past four years and Utopie Des Bordes could make it a fourth at Sandown tomorrow
It will be an historic event as it will be the first time Les Bordes, designed for Baron Marcel Bich, founder of the Bic pen empire, and his Japanese trading partner, Yoshiaki Sakurai, and opened in 1986, has opened its doors to any tour event The 54-hole tournament, on October 18-22 and which Sky Sports will cover, will be played on the 7,061-yards lay-out where only 74 golfers (professionals and amateurs) have managed to break 80 since 2002.
DOUGLAS, Isle of Man, April 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Peter Bordes and Jessica Luthi join the Affilicon Advisory Board effective immediately.
Tickets to the Jeff Bordes show are $50, $45, $35, $30 and $25.
Bordes launched her career in holistic health after helping to correctly diagnose her daughter after she fell ill with a pituitary adenoma.
Bordes, who has the unpleasant distinction of having simultaneously been linked with former sports minister Colin Moynihan, Sunday Times editor Andrew Neil and Observer editor Donald Trelford, is making a high-society comeback.
It is reassuring, though, that some `greats' themselves have contributed -- the late Grahame Clark on Dorothy Garrod, for instance, or, on Francois Bordes, L.
com +44 (0)78 0350 2318 Constance Bordes IBM Media Relations, France constance-bordes@fr.
GOLF: Chris Hanson shot four over par 76 to stand tied 22nd after the first round of the Ivobank PGA EuroPro Tour Championship at Les Bordes, France yesterday as stiff winds made the testing venue all the more difficult for the 56-strong field.
Carberry will be on board Passion Des Bordes in the Prix Marise, and will ride Saint Rock Plage for Paul Green in the Prix Varaville before partnering Pouchki De Somoza in the Prix Agitato.