Border terrier

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small rough-coated terrier of British origin

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Border terriers are full of fun and always on the ball
Future Shows: February 26: Border Terrier Clubs Open Show in Jedburgh.
Q Do Border terriers need to have their coats clipped?
Unemployed Andrew Wood, 30, of Redhouse Farm, Gosforth, is using DogLost UK in a bid to trace his two-year-old Border terrier bitch Joss who went missing from his garden last week.
1 Labrador retriever 2 Cocker spaniel 3 English springer spaniel 4 German shepherd 5 Cavalier King Charles spaniel 6 Staffordshire bull terrier 7 Golden retriever 8 Border terrier 9 Boxer 10 West Highland terrier
After my Border terrier Betty tried to swallow a wayward chocolate dropped by my niece and was offered lasagne with onion last week, I realised it was time to make things clear.
The seven-week-old border terrier was trapped by the neck after putting his head in a hole where a panel was missing.
Christine Reid's border terrier, Sam, had to be put down a week after the attack by a gang of yobs in March.
Border terrier Piper was nabbed three months ago from outside the home of owners Tracey and Gus Gorman and their three kids.
Q I have a six-year-old Border terrier who came from a rescue centre three years ago.
Sophie Patterson, 37, of Ely, Cambridgeshire, was walking Alfie, a 20-week-old Border Terrier cross, with daughters Anna, 11, and Lucy, eight, when a Harris Hawk, being exercised by its owner, swooped and locked its talons around the pup.
Regular readers will know about my beloved Border terrier Betty.
His website also mentions there is a vacancy for a girlfriend/wife, housekeeper/carer and a trainee Border terrier.
Walks with girlfriend Kim Sears and his Border terrier Maggie are part of his regime.
Murray was in training for today's clash with Spaniard Rafael Nadal when border terrier Maggie yelped as she was stung.