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a largely agricultural county in central England

an industrial city in Leicestershire in central England

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Buoyed by their success, the farm partners bought seven ewes to establish the Halton flock of Border Leicesters, rams from which have been sold at the NSA Wales & Borders sale every year since it began.
The Border Leicester breed has what it takes for commercial operations, meat sales or handspinners.
A total of 16 breeds plus crosses will be represented, the numbers being: 1844 Texel, 1333 Suffolk, 700 Bluefaced Leicester, 343 Charollais, 194 Beltex, 176 Lleyn, 83 Border Leicester, 66 North Country Cheviot and 162 pedigree sheep from the Berrichon, Blue Texel, Dutch Texel, Hampshire Down, Oxford Down, Poll Dorset, Roussin, South Down and Vendeen varieties.
It also has been diagnosed in a Border Leicester, Cheviots, Corriedales, a Cotswold, Dorsets, Finn sheep, Hampshires, Merinos, Montadales, Rambouillets, Shropshires, Southdowns, and a number of cross-breeds.
Originally, the flock comprised North Country Cheviots crossed with the Border Leicester, producing Scottish Half-Breds which were then put to the Suffolk, these being crossed with pedigree home-bred Texel rams.
Border Leicester, male: Julie Morgan, Llanfihangel y Creuddyn, female: E A Price, Llanidloes.
Inset l-r: brother and sister Cennydd and Cain Owen preparing their Border Leicester Ram; William Livesay and his Hereford cattle and Davina Harding
Offered for sale will be 1,680 Texel, 1,192 Suffolk, 669 Bluefaced Leicester, 295 Charollais, 139 Beltex, 131 Lleyn, 89 Border Leicester and 56 North Country Cheviot.
Almost 1,000 people also backed the Powys duo on a Facebook fan site - despite minor controversy over the video's content involving a Border Leicester ewe.
The supreme group title went to Geraint Robert's Kerry Hill ahead of a Border Leicester trio from Elizabeth Pryce, Llanidloes.
Prices included 4,800 guineas for a Blue Faced Leicester ram lamb, 4,200 guineas for a Charollais shearling, 2,700 guineas for a Lleyn shearling and 2,700 for a Border Leicester shearling.
By putting Welsh ewes to Border Leicester rams, to produce Welsh Halfbreds, they offered salvation to Welsh hill farmers who, in the 1950s, were losing out to rival breeds.
Next comes the Suffolks, with 1,576, then 607 Bluefaced Leicesters, 480 Charollais, 169 Lleyn, 135 Beltex, 95 North Country Cheviot and 90 Border Leicester.
Other headline prices included 4,800 guineas for a Blue-Faced Leicester ram lamb, 4,200gns for a Charollais shearling, 2,700gns for a Lleyn shearling and 2,700gns for a Border Leicester shearling.
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