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any of several red or white wines produced around Bordeaux, France or wines resembling them

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We decided to create fun, approachable events at an affordable ticket price that would give connoisseurs and novices alike the chance to take a deeper look at high quality yet affordable Bordeaux wines.
We were astounded by the percentage of sales and the dollar amount we sold in Bordeaux wines last year," said Ron Loutherback, founder of The Wine Club.
In New York the seminar will be a Master Class led by Kevin Zraly, founder of the Windows on the World Wine School, who will be teaching would-be wine aficionados about the powerful '09 and '10 vintages of Bordeaux wines.
Wine Buffs, and author of Postcards from France explains how well Today's Bordeaux wines pair with popular holiday dishes.
The Today's Bordeaux exemplar features the balance, elegance, and charm consumers expect to find in more expensive Bordeaux, but are featured throughout Bordeaux wines below a $35 price point.
The Bordeaux In Your City campaign offers consumers the ultimate road map to both be educated on Bordeaux Wines, but also to locate high-quality and affordable Bordeaux Wines right in their neighborhood," said Mary Gorman McAdams, MW and Market Advisor of the CIVB.
At other tables that were only showing AOC Bordeaux wines, I asked each pourer to point me to the single best wine at the table.
The menu has been created especially by Jesmond Dene House's head chef Michael Penaluna with the matching Bordeaux wines chosen by Oz.
Understanding the nuances of Bordeaux wines is no easy task.
The 1855 classification has been created in an effort to present the most famous Bordeaux wines at the Paris Universal exhibition.
OUTAND ABOUT I attended a Bordeaux tasting in conjunction with Bordeaux Wines and Cardiff-based merchants Fines Wines Direct at the Riverside Cantonese in Cardiff.
Chateau d'Yquem is probably the best known of the sweet Bordeaux wines which have not been allowed to be officially imported into China due to their large amounts of natural, residual sugar when compared toother wines which exceeded the limit set by the Chinese authorities.
The rest of the wines were from Bordeaux, so we came full circle and returned to Bordeaux wines to accompany.
In the past, Bordeaux wines have confused shoppers with labels including information on the precise provenance of the grape and chateaux but "often no mention of grape variety", Thierry's claimed.
The main point to remember is that Bordeaux wines are invariably blends.