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a salt or ester of boric acid

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As Barbara Ehrenreich, columnist for The Progressive, points out, it happens only when Borat sings his national anthem, and the words "the Kazakhstan is number one
Members of the Kazakh shooting team were left red-faced when officials at a tournament in Kuwait replaced the Kazakhstan national anthem with a Borat parody version.
Kazakhstan's shooting team have mistakenly been played a spoof national anthem from the film Borat.
Mr Ruda never objected to the name, and even entertained workmates with Borat impersonations.
We want to ride on the wave of success of Borat, to take advantage of this popular image in the West to show people the real Kazakhstan, not Baron Cohen's Kazakhstan," Rakishev told Kazakh tabloid Kazakhstanskaya Pravda.
Spanish defender Cuellar's resemblance to the comical character created by Sacha Baron Cohen hadn't previously been noted by members of Martin O'Neill's squad - until a resounding chorus of "Are you Borat in disguise?
But after the uncomfortable "mockumentaries" featuring hapless Kazakh journalist Borat and outrageous Austrian fashionista Bruno, he has turned his attention to amore conventional comedy for his long-time collaborator.
Cheers erupted when the funnyman first walked on to the stage and said: "My name a Borat.
It's wonderful that the films are successful but every new person who sees the movie is one less person I can be Borat or Bruno with again, so finishing a movie means having to say goodbye.
WHEN Sacha Baron Cohen burst on to cinema screens with Borat in 2006, his ridiculous halter-neck, shrink-wrapped, custard-yellow trunks put a new spin on the term 'intercontinental ballistic missiles'.
Satire has become a standard genre in US-American film making and films such as Lars von Trier's Dogville or Borat are created and/or promoted by major Hollywood studios and star successful male and women actors.
The only thing anybody in England knows about Kazakhstan is that that's where Borat comes from, so the usual slew of Borat specials has been dredged up by bookmakers.
KAZAKHSTAN coach Bernd Storck is on a mission to get his country known for football rather than comedy character Borat - and he is deadly serious about facing England at Wembley.
A New York Cityjudge has thrown out lawsuits brought by a driving instructor and two etiguette school teachers who said the makers of the movie Borat deceived them.