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Rameshkannan, and P Mani, "Phytochemical and GC-MS analysis of bioactive compounds from borassus flabelliferlinn from root," European Journal of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, vol.
Of the nine genera of starch-producing palms known to be utilized for food in island southeast Asia (Johnson 1977), only Metroxylon, Arenga, Borassus, Eugeissona, Caryota, and possibly Corypha, provide starch on a significant scale.
4m of EU money to fund the three-year Borassus geotextiles scheme.
The 53-year-old mother-of-three created waffle-like mats made from Borassus palm tree leaves that are pinned to the ground to protect crops, prevent soil erosion, and stop water pollution.
a grass savanna (GS), without trees except the palm Borassus aethiopium and dominated by Loudetia simplex and Andropogon schirensis on Gleysols (FAO 1989);
Population structure and life cycle of Borassus aethiopum Mart.
kg gum of Acacia nilotica was fried in / kg ghee (clarified butter) and then the gum was powdered and mixed with tal mishri (crystalline sugar obtained from sap of Borassus flabellifer) and 250 ml water.
AA-21-07 Arecaceae Borassus aethiopium Mart W Fruit AA-34-07 Phoenix reclinata Jacq.
Crystalline sugar (talmishri) prepared from sap of Borassus flabellifer was added to macerated roots of Bombax ceiba and fruits of Myristica fragrans.
Both the fruit and the tender hearts of some species of palms are eaten, among them Borassus aethiopum and Hyphaene thebaica.
1991), the palmyra palm Borassus flabellifer (Dissanayake, 1986; Khieu, 1996), the solitary fish tail palm Caryota urens (Dissanayake, 1977, 1986), the coconut Cocos nucifera (Kitze & Johnson, 1975), the mangrove palm Nypa fruticans (Fong, 1989; Miah et al.
The pH of fresh sap from Borassus flabellifer used for sugar production ranges from 4.
Juice obtained from macerated leaves is taken with tal mishri (crystalline sugar obtained from sap of Borassus flabellifer).