Borago officinalis

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hairy blue-flowered European annual herb long used in herbal medicine and eaten raw as salad greens or cooked like spinach

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For measurement of GDD, base temperature for Portulaca oleracea, Trigonella foenum-graecium, Hypericum perforatum and Borago officinalis L.
12) Another study looked at the effects of oral feeding of GLA from Borago officinalis to mice with MS and found protection from disease relapse.
A ADRIENNE SAYS: Borage or Borago officinalis is quick and easy to grow and the bright blue starshaped flowers (right) make it an attractive border plant.
Una de ellas, Borago officinalis ampliamente cultivada en otras zonas del mundo (Miller 1988, 2001) y naturalizada en Colombia.
Distribution and biosynthesis of stearidonic acid in leaves of Borago officinalis.