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Synonyms for bouquet

Synonyms for bouquet

cut flowers that have been arranged in a usually small bunch


a sweet or pleasant odor

Synonyms for bouquet

an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present

a pleasingly sweet olfactory property

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I recently caught up with Boquet and asked him for some details about the now two-year-old program.
The Henry Reeve Brigade at Croix du Boquet was typical of Cuban emergency teams, though the number of staff varies according to location.
LOUISIANA -- Donna Blanchard, Delbert Blunt, Glen Booty, Jed Boquet, Jolene Constance, Michael Constance, Anthony Corner, Florence Coutee, Terry Drake, Betty Hall, Clara LaFosse, Katherine Matthews, Jody McJimsey, Iyomia Montgomery, Robert Riley, Lisa Roy, Fred Schoonover, Jim Sills, Wayne Smith, James Steward, Antrinetta D.
Violet Boquet, 87, shocked relatives when she left her fortune to Fr Patrick Cooke, 70, from Dublin.
But on the way to Chelsea Register Office, Richard stopped the car to pick up a gorgeous boquet of flowers that he'd already ordered from a shop in the Fulham Road.
However, Boquet and others (1973) reported that microbially mediated calcite formation was a common occurrence and postulated that under suitable conditions, most bacteria are capable of forming calcite crystals.
Global competition has made consolidation an operational necessity," said Patrick Boquet, project manager at Thomson.
Near Giant Mountain in the Adirondacks, a 21-year-old man swimming in the rain-swollen Boquet River gorge was swept away by swift currents.
While another (untitled) chart details costumes for the 1753 performance of "Les Sibarites" at Fontainebleau, a few illustrations of these or other costumes by their famous designer, Louis-Rene Boquet, would have greatly enlivened this information.
To create a rustic feel, select stones with a varied surface texture and rounded edges, such as Boquet Canyon or silvery gray water-washed flagstone (pictured at right and on page 92.
Beth Boquet asks, "What is being left out of our discussions on writing centers by our inability to account, in complex ways, for its relationship to the teaching of writing?
18 micron geometry," said John Boquet, manager of ASIC Verification at IBM Microelectronics.