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a long lace for fastening boots

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They find their way through shoes and socks, through shorts and gorge until the bootlace becomes glistening black marble.
Gomez seems to have inherited Pippo Inzaghi's title as "that bloke up front who keeps tripping over his own bootlaces but has apparently scored 77 goals this season".
Disease of the Week Bootlaces and honey 1 Vegetables - check stored vegetables and remove any that have rotted.
Will they, won't they be able to pass the ball to each other without falling over their bootlaces.
Send a parcel, it doesn't have to be much - a packet of biscuits, some lip salve, a few pairs of bootlaces, some bottles/cartons of fruit juice, letters, Christmas cards, etc - to RAO-BSN, JTSP Unit, Bastion, BFPO 792.
NSN 8335-01-332-8894 brings a pair of 66-in tan bootlaces.
There was a bit of gamesmanship going on as he tied his bootlaces and fixed his gloves and I'm sure he hoped he'd put our man off.
None more so than William Gallas, the captain and man who should have been pulling them up by their bootlaces - not staring down at his own and blubbing uncontrollably.
Ronald tells of waiting to take a penalty while his brother sat in the box slowly tying his bootlaces before walking over to him, shaking his hand and telling him he was about to miss.
It was however pretty much of a roller coaster ride, because the ball and Ronnie did not always see eye to eye, and it could hardly be regarded as tied to his bootlaces.
Kim Donley Martin was 53 when he strangled himself with his bootlaces in May 2002.
The chain also dismissed Sir Peter Davis' suggestion that the sample was unrepresentative: "We're not just cutting prices on Yugoslavian mustard and bootlaces," said a spokesman.
Skinheads usually wear the red suspenders and red bootlaces only when they are getting ready to commit an assault or other racially motivated crime, Schoonmaker said.
But when England were 1-0 down and playing poorly against Slovenia last weekend, who hauled them up by their bootlaces by launching the fightback?