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a constellation in the northern hemisphere near Ursa Major

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About half Tolwood's current output of automotive pressings are bought by Nissan and Mr Bootes sees scope for increasing business with the Japanese group as well as moving into other markets.
Following behind Bootes is the constellation of Hercules which contains the beautiful Messier object M13.
Stars, Clusters, and Galaxies in Bootes Object Type Mag(v) Size/Sep RA Dec.
In one strand of classical Greek mythology, Bootes was her ill-fated father; in another, he was a simple shepherd and ploughman.
They dubbed the region, located in the constellation Bootes, the Great Void.
JAB's Chairman & CEO Jefferson Adams Bootes announced today that the company has filled their 2000 year end 10-KSB and plans to have all filings current by weeks end.
To the left (east) of Bootes are the semi-circle of Corona Borealis the Northern Crown, Hercules, and then ascending stars of the Summer Triangle (brilliant Vega, Deneb and Altair).
Researchers had deduced in 1996 that the star Tau Bootes has a closely orbiting planet several times as massive as Jupiter.
The team consists of top professional riders including Wade Bootes, Travis Brown, Ruthie Matthes, Matt Kelley and newcomer, Allison Sydor.
Bootes isn't a constellation that binocular observers spend much time exploring.
23, just 22 seconds after NASA's Compton Gamma Ray Observatory found a burst in the constellation Bootes, ROTSE-I began scanning the same region.
JAB's chairman & chief executive officer, Jefferson Adams Bootes, was quoted as saying, "We have been hampered with a series of delays with the first plant, however, we are confident of our success in ushering in the new millennium.