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a constellation in the northern hemisphere near Ursa Major

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Mr Bootes, who brought Tolwood Technologies out of administration, saving more than 100 jobs in November 2005, said he has since invested pounds 2m in that business, which has seen staff numbers rise to 120.
Mr Bootes predicted "a very good future" for Tolwood Technologies and is aiming for major expansion of the business, a key Nissan supplier which turned over about pounds 15m last year.
Santa Fe Snyder Corporation (NYSE: SFS) has drilled a successful oil well at the South Bootes structure on block 15/34 in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, offshore China.
And other stars believed to be hosting at least one giant planet are located in the constellations Andromeda, Bootes, Cygnus, Pegasus and Virgo.
The Company would also like to announce the appointment of Jefferson Bootes as President of the Company replacing Charles Irizarry.