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Synonyms for bell-bottoms

trousers with legs that flare

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Lee jeans, a favorite with full-figured women, has recently gone back to its archives to reintroduce its straight-legged Lee Dungarees, and Levi's has introduced the men's boot-cut jean for women.
Francesca also models a pair of dark blue boot-cut jeans with a pink and green coloured halter neck top.
99 a set, both New Look; boot-cut jeans, PS95, Levis Studded collar denim shirt, PS14, George @ Asda; pink shirt, PS50, Wrangler; sunglasses, PS58.
99 button-fly, boot-cut jeans came second, then George and Levi's.
And a neutral voice will tell you the truth about you and those yellow boot-cut jeans.
Boot-cut jeans are great for balancing out larger hips and making you look slimmer.
Kati Ho 34 fa fi alo lo an cer loo her in h favo boo jean Katie Holmes, 34, has a fantastic figure and lovely long legs and she certainly looks at her best in her favourite boot-cut jeans.
Boot-cut jeans Although I love skinny jeans, boot-cut jeans are very flattering and women love them.
50; animal-print sling-backs, pounds 45 sling-backs Boot-cut jeans Although I love skinny jeans, boot-cut jeans are very flattering and women love them.
To make her thighs look slimmer, the star should have opted for boot-cut jeans as the wide hem would have made her upper legs look proportionally slimmer.
Perkins Red boot-cut jeans, pounds 25, River Island pounds 28, Blue blazer, Peacocks Orange ballet pumps, pounds 16, Dorothy Perkins Bag with chain strap, pounds 28, Topshop
But because I lost a bit of weight recently, I went out to buy a couple of pairs of skinny jeans - the first ones I've ever had as I always used to buy boot-cut jeans.
If you are a fan of skinny jeans or wear tight Wrangler jeans, you may have a hard time, but boot-cut jeans and most dress pants will work around this holster style just fine.
I'm a dog lover, but even I'd recoil a tad if I saw Canine Maximum: a massive, wiry-haired, slobbery beast galloping down the aisle of my train carriage, bloodshot eyes rolling and drool splattering in slo-mo across everyone's shins, like Jeremy Clarkson on all fours, but without the boot-cut jeans.