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a strap that is looped and sewn to the top of a boot for pulling it on

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help oneself, often through improvised means

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The UCC2891 and UCC2893 also feature a 110-V start-up feature that removes the need of an external trickle charge boot strap resistor to provide significant cost savings.
Although STeller can be implemented in a variety of network environments, PeoplesBank elected to install the 'thin client' version of the software running on a central server, and branch teller stations outfitted with inexpensive Neoware(R) terminals running a UNIX boot strap.
Additionally, the UCC28221 version contains a 110-V start-up device that removes the need for an external trickle charge boot strap resistor to help save cost.
Unlike many of the influential figures in the Labour Party of his day, despite the taste for a finer life that was entirely the result of pulling himself up by his own boot straps, Bevan was an implacable enemy of the type of inequality that scarred the society he lived in.
FORMER Albion favourite Daryl Burgess wants Joleon Lescott to drag the dressing room up by their boot straps.
8220;Six years ago, I started EyeSpyPro part-time, and after I lost my job, pulled up my boot straps and with the help of a credit card, I was able to start this business.
Twitter user Chris Brockman wrote, "fair to say he picked himself up by his boot straps.
This is so much more powerful than waiting for people to pull themselves up by their boot straps.
When she was chosen to join Girls Aloud, she was the tough one, the no-nonsense tattooed estate girl from Newcastle who had pulled herself up by her high-heeled boot straps and fought for a chance of a new life.
Here was a legend respected throughout the game and hailed as the man who could pull English rugby up by its boot straps, with his lack of previous coaching expertise conveniently overlooked.
Connie "picked herself up by the boot straps, as she would say, and lived a full, active and caring life.
Then there's Baby Organix, the infant food manufacturer whose sincere efforts to give babies the best food has pushed the babyfood industry to pull up its boot straps.