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When the Network Boot images are maintained separately from the servers, CTRC can bring replacement servers online quickly by downloading the boot image across the network to another server.
View and modify the contents of boot image files directly, without creating or accessing boot diskettes.
This fast boot technology was realized by reducing the size of the boot image, optimizing NAND load algorithms and dozens of other advanced optimizations to achieve a much faster boot into Linux.
Odin comes in handy to flash image files such as a boot image or a complete system file.
With today's announcement LANDesk extends native support of the Win32 console on Windows 7 (both 32-bit as well as 64-bit) simplifying deployment of Windows 7 by providing both PXE and Virtual Boot image deployment.
It is a comprehensive solution that includes all of the required technology to automate the deployment of hundreds of diskless HPC compute nodes, and includes the iSCSI Service Provider, centrally-managed back-end storage, and boot image management.
Support for Segregated Data Storage - A user's unique data is stored separately from the group's boot image, allowing Double-Take Flex to update the shared boot image without overwriting an individual's unique data.
E[acute accent]In the event of a server failure, Topp's team can quickly create a new server from the golden boot image, mount the most recent replay to a new volume on the server and restore full services.
Compellent's Boot from SAN feature optimizes the boot process by creating a golden copy of the boot image on the SAN rather than on the internal disk drives within every server - saving money, increasing performance and conserving capacity.
The IPStor Backup & BareMetal Recovery (BBMR) solution significantly reduces recovery time in the event of a server, desktop, or notebook hard drive crash due to virus attack, software crash, mechanical failure, or human error, by capturing the boot image and data of a designated server, desktop, or notebook.