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a system of symbolic logic devised by George Boole

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Compare the effects of the use of the Boolean operators AND and OR.
Cartoon created to reinforce the unique "ANDNOT" Boolean Operator for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database.
XOR Boolean operator presented here uses the standard Boolean operators OR, AND, and NOT as follows:
On the help page, users are advised that Boolean operators do not work with this search engine.
Software features: - Full-text Search with Boolean operator support - Hyperlinking: Trade names to Trade name Section, Generics to Generic Chemical section Manufacturers Directory
There is nothing to reveal that the implicit Boolean operator working in this search is "OR.
Biodegradable; Environmentally Safe - Environmentally Friendly; Halogen-Free; HAP's-Free; Low Global Warming; Low Ozone-Depleting - No ozone-Depleting; Low Vapor Pressure; Noncarcinogenic; Non-CFC - Non-HCFC; Nonhazardous; Nontoxic; Recyclable; SARA-Nonreportable; SNAP (Significant New Alternative Policy) Compliant; VOC-Compliant - Low-VOC - VOC-Free Software features: Full-text Search with Boolean operator support
Software features: Full-text Search with Boolean operator support Keyword Indexes: Comprehensive Index, Trade Name X-Ref, Generic Chemical X-Ref, Manufacturers X-Ref, CAS X-Ref, EINECS/ELINCS X-Ref, Functional/Applications X-Ref.
When more than one search term from a browse index is selected, IIMP automatically combines them, using the Boolean operator "or.
Some of the highlights of the new release include: more information; data are mined from five times the number of journals; the ability to perform more types of searches; more filters to narrow the search-such as the boolean operator NOT; and an "Explain Query" tool allows users to obtain an English language description of the questions they are asking.
Provides advanced search options such as field searching, Boolean operators, proximity searching, nesting, wildcard/truncation, etc.
Brandwatch leads the pack with 22 operators, the largest range of Boolean operators of any platform on the market
Among the specific aspects she addresses are identifying valid online bibliographic and article databases, using Boolean operators to refine a search, organizing the research literature by using bibliographic software, preparing a structured abstraction form, synthesizing and reporting results as part of proposals and papers or as a stand-alone report, evaluating qualitative research studies, and understanding and evaluating meta-analysis research.
If the defect is positioned in an area that has its "mirror image" on another side of the body than the form of the implant can relatively easily be produced by means of Boolean operators.
When you enter multiple criteria, you get real results without having to be a mathematician specializing in Boolean operators.