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a system of symbolic logic devised by George Boole

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If any Boolean operator is not used in search, then pubMed will automatically use AND" between terms.
The students explore Boolean matching by writing and executing simple Boolean queries: pairs of elementary queries (terms) connected by a single Boolean operator (OR, AND), or a pair of operators (AND NOT), which simulate set difference.
Compare the effects of the use of the Boolean operators AND and OR.
XOR Boolean operator presented here uses the standard Boolean operators OR, AND, and NOT as follows:
Under the conventional interpretation, the input to a Boolean operator is either 0 or 1.
On the help page, users are advised that Boolean operators do not work with this search engine.
Use Boolean operators and field qualifiers to build a search strategy from base URL
Caution for experienced searchers is required when encountering BUBL keyword searching, for unlike many CD-ROMs which have the AND operator as the default operator, the Boolean operator OR is the default search operator on BUBL.
A Boolean operator menu determines how search terms are connected.
Software features: Full-text Search with Boolean operator support Keyword Indexes: Comprehensive Index, Trade Name X-Ref, Generic Chemical X-Ref, Manufacturers X-Ref, CAS X-Ref, EINECS/ELINCS X-Ref, Functional/Applications X-Ref.
We plan to improve the search functionality by incorporating Boolean operators and exclusively utilizing tags applied to each topic, allowing more refined searches based on multiple symptoms.
Table1: Boolean Operators Operator name and meaning Example negation (non) -[phi] conjunction (and) ([phi] & [PSI]) disjunction (or) ([phi] | [PSI]) implication (if .
Putting together search queries that incorporate fields, geolocation elements, Boolean operators, and nested logic should make non-information professionals sit up and take notice.
Provides advanced search options such as field searching, Boolean operators, proximity searching, nesting, wildcard/truncation, etc.