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a system of symbolic logic devised by George Boole

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Although often criticized and now faced with many alternatives, Boolean logic remains the standard for information retrieval systems (Frants et al.
We also developed fixed QCA circuit which can be used to get all Boolean logic functions and also to build combinational circuits such as comparators, parity generators and checkers.
Erosion and dilation are defined in agreement with the truth value of these propositions (0 or 1); therefore, Boolean logic is present in these definitions.
Be my Boolean logic, my array of pointers, my system architecture, my database management software.
The search engine is effective and easy to use, and it allows both Boolean logic and concept-based searching.
Boolean logic, URL (Uniform Resource Locator) searches, wildcard searching, and how rankings of returns are done are all covered in an introduction.
Theory, complementing traditional Boolean logic provides an intuitive way to segment data, simplifies the expression of complex queries, and enables users to track customer movement between segments.
He also introduces the concept of Boolean logic, which is a method of combining terms using the connectors and, or, and not.
A PROCMAIL filter also uses Boolean logic, such as in "and/or" decisions, versus the recipelike ELM searches that lack decision capability.
UK managing director, Mark Neil, says that a system using Boolean logic is superior to system which use Bayesian inference principles to perform search and retrieval tasks, such as the rival offering from Autonomy Corp.
Mathematics version contains the standard features plus cascade, feed forward, and ration control, as well as 64 equations, 32 constants and memories, and Boolean logic.
Management of the tax function may also benefit by having one of the new software tools that permits you to search with keywords and boolean logic any of your computer files, regardless of their format.
In addition to the powerful automation capabilities, the latest version of the NTO product line also delivers advanced filtering capabilities, including Boolean logic filters, support for IPv6 and Filter Priority Assurance to ensure that overlapping IP address ranges receive the appropriate filters.
Circuits can also be designed for any type of Boolean logic function, such as AND gates and OR gates.
Organizations and its users can simply search for information by using queries comprised of phrases, sentences, paragraphs or even entire documents of text rather than complex Boolean logic or complicated taxonomies.