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a system of symbolic logic devised by George Boole

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1) [Convert the transaction database D to Boolean matrix DB]
Foster, The idempotent elements of a commutative ring form a Boolean Algebra, Duke math.
In this study, there are two main phases involved: firstly, a new transactional data representation scheme in the Boolean matrix form is proposed to help us to generate N- frequentitemset, and secondly the improvement to get association rules for the proposed Apriori algorithm, because of its efficiency to detect the last frequent itemsets.
After a brief reminder on the Boolean model, this problem is investigated.
We then define TSSCPPs and give bijections with non-intersecting lattice paths and new objects we call boolean triangles.
Key words: Computation Theory, Relational Databases, Boolean Circuits, Query
Boolean, or keyword, search represents the simplest link in the search food chain.
injection molding' and (nitrile adj rubber or acrylonitrile adj butadiene adj [rubber or copolymer] or NBR) retrieves around 253 records using Boolean and other operators.
Use Boolean operators: These include and, and not, or and parentheses.
A full-text literature search uses Boolean operators.
As a benchmark test of his system, McCune turned to the Robbins conjecture, which states that a set of three equations in logic is equivalent to a Boolean algebra (see box).
With college-level content, full Boolean searching capabilities, and considerable full text coverage, TOM Academic not only exposes students to the type of research they will do in college, it also gives them the necessary tools to produce high-quality assignments in the high school setting.
This paper presents the use of SAT for redundancy removal using output "don't-cares" for simplifying circuit descriptions for Boolean reasoning.
i](t)), where + is the Boolean 'or' operator and [direct sum] is the Boolean 'xor' operator.
The Boolean model, which represents the classical, "purely random" germ-grain model of stochastic geometry, may be used instrumentally as a null model for a volume process (Molchanov, 1997).