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a shop where books are sold

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With the traditional model, bookstores spent large sums shipping books they didn't always sell and that cost got passed on to customers.
Bookstores rely on sales from the current top hits to support their operations.
Lewis's New Orleans home and bookstore in Lake Forest Plaza Mall were in the eastern part of the city--the area hardest hit by the storm--and she lost everything there.
Not surprisingly, then, Wilfred Elders, a professor of geology at the University of California, Riverside, was dismayed during a visit to Grand Canyon National Park in August 2003 to learn that A Different View was on the shelves in the bookstores there.
Its sales space is only about 300 square meters, but clerks at major bookstores are surprised to see such a rich collection of books, especially on modern art and movies.
She is the author of The Camp Kitchen Guidebook, available from the ACA Bookstore.
In bookstores and living rooms across the country, African American book lovers are having lively discussions about Blanche's adventures on the lam (Barbara Neely) and how to find their groove like Stella did (Terry McMillan).
The suit claims that the superstores are getting from publishers illegal "extra discounts," "special terms," and a "whole range of various [advertising] and 'promotional' terms not provided" to "independent" bookstores.
So far, however, most attempts to sell software in bookstores have failed miserably.
New System Offers Bookstores an Array of Alternative Tools to Compete More Effectively in the Market
In many cases, students turned to online providers since the local bookstore was not offering textbook rentals; however, today more and more college bookstores offer students rental as an option.
com has announced that it is to add several themed online bookstores for regular books to certain websites about Sherlock Holmes, yoga, sudoku and recipes.
At the Toronto Women's Bookstores 32nd anniversary party, there's free barbeque in the backyard and a line around the block.
With regard to reports in the November issue of the Journal concerning the financial difficulties of the Anglican Book Centre (Bookstore suffers staff cuts after financial losses), it must be stressed that the ABC is one of the best bookstores of its kind in all of Canada, a cultural treasure and resource of inestimable value.