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a shop where books are sold

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At a time when corporate booksellers had effectively dismissed the political (and economic) clout of the women's liberation movement, feminist bookstores stocked, affirmed and celebrated the works of writers such as Gloria Anzaldua, Dionne Brand, Nicole Brossard, Anne Cameron, Chrystos, Susan Griffin, Audre Lorde, Adrienne Rich, Jane Rule and Betsy Warland, to name a few.
Nancy Linthicum and Michele Henjum have attempted to map the movement of Cairo bookstores at cairobookstop.
These bookstores cast a spell that draws readers through their doors time and again, sometimes even across great distances, and that has as much to do with the stores themselves as the people who run them.
Cosse's novel raises these issues and more as the two creators of their ideal bookstore and members of the selection committee find themselves on the receiving end of a series of attacks following the opening in Paris of their store, The Good Novel, devoted to only the best novels.
The GPO bookstore has been in operation since 1895.
The components of the joint venture are: Mayuba Bookstores Inc (dba Barbara's Bookstore); Airport Management Services LLC (dba Hudson Group); Hartman Group Publishing Ltd; and Blue Daring Consulting Inc.
The staff group that has run the bookstore for the past year has done hard, imaginative and heroic work to make a success of the operation .
Now, with bricks-and-mortar stores and online booksellers competing for customers, plus increased bartering among students, college bookstores must operate more efficiently, says Charles A.
Thank you for offering an article on the nuts and bolts of keeping radical bookstores running--we appreciate it.
At worst, we get dismissive essays from successful gay authors who seem determined to disregard the bookstores that helped give them their start.
Bookstores rely on sales from the current top hits to support their operations.
Toshiba Digital Products Division has extended special sales tools and incentives to campus bookstores in an effort to increase technology sales in colleges and universities.
Yet visitors to the official bookstores in Grand Canyon National Park are now treated to a different view: the view espoused by creationists who believe these rocks were deposited and the canyon was carved in a twinkling during Noah's Flood.
While department store-like mammoth bookstores mushroom across the country, small ''corner bookstores'' selling magazines and comic books disappear one after another.