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a photograph of someone's face (especially one made for police records)

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Pontbriand, who recently started a Worcester County chapter of the political activist group, "We Are Change," whose mission is to expose corruption, said the booking photo allows people to "basically hold court on Facebook," degrading people and starting fights online.
Gutierrez said Ortega cut his hair Tuesday, accounting for the difference in his appearance in his booking photo and a composite sketch of the suspect.
A booking photo of Officer Nadeau attached to the report indicates he had very short, close-cropped hair.
Austin's booking photo shows numerous bruises or sores on his face that Tilby said were there before he was arrested.
A prior booking photo of Jordan was obtained and taken to the gas station, where the victim of one of the heists identified him as the assailant.
He accused the publication of forging a police booking photo of fellow company officer Jim Bolt.
The two officials identified the man they know as Atherton Properties LLC Oakridge representative Ted Thomas from a 1998 jail booking photo of Ted Combis, 62.
the Miami Beach Police Department sent a booking photo via e-mail from a 2003 arrest, and the photo matched the suspect, Officer Reddick said in his report.
Texas) manages a politician's smile in his booking photo Oct.
If you want to see the face of a serial murderer, this is it,'' Garner said, pointing to a color booking photo of Shorts.
July 11: Under media pressure, Hoy releases booking photo.
The cuddly child star whose most recent on-camera appearance was for a police booking photo.
The order issued by Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna does not cover whether head coverings can still be worn during booking photos.
Arjis Global Query 2 is an investigative tool that lets officers see extensive histories on people and vehicles, as well as cross-reference driver's licenses and view booking photos.