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an agent who represents performers

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As a jobbing musician, it was so important to have a booking agency.
He was given the job as manager and consequently became a friend and colleague of John and, together, they booked the club's entertainment, and so a booking agency - AIR - was born.
Two weeks ago Sapra got a call from a booking agency asking if he was free Thursday night.
They had previously been with a small booking agency in New Jersey, but felt they weren't getting to play the major festivals.
Emboldened, he set up a booking agency, Dioni (www.
Campaign-finance disclosures indicate the Lane County Republican Party has paid Palin's booking agency $35,000 - less than half of what media reports indicate is Palin's standard fee for West Coast appearances.
The hotel booking agency said that 66 percent now book travel without a TMC, a 20 percent rise on last year's figure.
Jade has also set up B+ Collective, consisting of a booking agency for local acts, a graphic design section, a sound production studio, a free cultural magazine and a digital label bonding Berlin and Beirut.
However, will the Town Hall box office act as a booking agency for regional theatres and concert halls as the TIC does now, and will it keep the same wide range of information leaflets on regional arts events - a service I find invaluable?
HOTELS in GermanyOs World Cup cities are already trebling their rates, according to online booking agency Hotels.
When Hopps got to college--first a year at Stanford and then back home to UCLA--he concentrated less on his classes than on a variety of projects that included a booking agency for jazz musicians and an art gallery called Syndell Studio in then-seedy Brentwood.
The tour was created by J&J Entertainment, a booking agency that manages bands and other forms of entertainment, to thank the U.
Contact the booking agency or the hotel to reorganise your accommodation, at least.
Porter, who started his first booking agency in 1954, cited a chronic hearing disorder known as tinnitus--the sensation of a ringing, roaring or buzzing sound in the ears or head--as among the reasons for his resignation.