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a gambler who accepts and pays off bets (especially on horse races)


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For someone who doesn't have the best of luck in the bookies he won on 8/10 horses.
The agency has also launched a hunt for Ritesh Bansal, one of the notorious bookies.
Thakur has hit out at Srinivasan through a letter, released to the media, saying that the ICC chairman could have shared the list of bookies before accusing him.
the PS15 Grand PS30mil racing While retire win While McCoy, 40, plans to retire on the spot if he wins, bookies would have to fork out PS210million.
The bookies were arrested from Ludhiana with several mobile sets and and gadgets.
But, under current planning laws, bookies are classed as financial institutions rather than licensed premises, so the council cannot use powers it has under cumulative impact policies to restrict the number in any given areas, as it can with pubs, off-licences and takeaways.
Bookies now earn more from the casino-style machines than from over-the-counter betting, and opponents have described them as "the crack cocaine of gambling".
We are so excited to host Milk + Bookies Story Time Celebration for the third consecutive year.
The free viewing areas opposite the track have for years been a loosely organised Derby meeting haven for bookies, where they could bet for a small fee and positions were determined by seniority.
and the hard-working, hard-up Brummies would go to these bookies with their hard-earned pennies, trying to make a few quid on the horses.
THE bookies are backing Tony Mowbray's Boro to be Championship play-off contenders next season.
Actress-model reported to have said that the bowler have links with bookies.
GRETNA'S last-gasp goal to win the Scottish First Division title yesterday cost bookies pounds 10million.
BETTING swings on the result of the Assembly election in Wrexham has twice forced a change of favourite with the bookies in 24 hours.
The money lost by the government would be clawed back through a profit levy on bookies.