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a worker whose trade is binding books

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It was bought by bookbinders Dunn and Wilson, of Falkirk, in 1956.
June said: "He was in fact a master bookbinder and specialised in the gold lettering.
Willman Spawn documents his initial forays into bookbinding history matching Philadelphia bookbinder Robert Aitken's waste-book entries to actual bindings.
Bespoke bindings were much more profitable for bookbinders, but Bennett infers that the majority of their work came from trade bookbinding.
Henry Mills bookbinders supplied us with a Millennium Profile, tracing the history of the company and the founding fathers and technological changes.
Visitors will be able to see bookbinders at work and take part in creative writing activities.
It was to him that Simeon turned for training, and eventually went on to become a licentiate member of Designer Bookbinders.
The district of Upper Bavaria intends on the property in the MusenbergstraE-e 30 in 81929 Munich Johanneskirchen the floor number 830/11 of the district Daglfing, the, school and workshop building of the vocational training center in Munich for young people with hearing and speech damage to the fields of carpentry, printers, bookbinders media design, visual marketing, painters, hair stylists create designer as new replacement building in the same building exterior dimensions of the existing building be demolished.
Of all the old Arkansas bookbinders, I'm the only one left," said John Machycek, the company's 70-year-old proprietor.
Said Mr Mills: "In recent years, we have become one of the leading digital printers, bookbinders and presentation packaging companies in the country and this major win cements our growing reputation in the industry.
Today, bookbinders don't make books; they make specialty books - such as journals, presentation folders, portfolios - and all are handmade.
King Edward VI High School for Girls is showcasing the work of 20th century female bookbinders in an exhibition using items donated by a former King Edward's pupil.
She was elected Licentiate member of Designer Bookbinders in 2003, and Fellow in 2007.