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The man responsible for its codification and preservation--the author of the world's first printed book-keeping treatise--was Fra Luca Pacioli, Renaissance mathematician and Franciscan friar who was, in his day, more famous than his collaborator, Leonardo da Vinci.
Mr Siddiq added: "Some landlords are not thorough enough with their book-keeping and are too quick to disregard small receipts but when kept and added together can amount to a significant sum which can be offset against tax.
This new business model means we are able to give service and sales provision which will give quality IT support, payroll, book-keeping and business administration at very competitive rates for small and medium businesses.
Mr Lewis added: "Now is the time to get your house and your books in order because if you're found wanting in terms of your book-keeping you can face a stiff financial penalty.
Under the heading Losses and Special Payment" in the thick volume of MoD accounts for the financial year ending in 2008 a series of book-keeping bungles, contract wrangles and payroll errors have emerged.
Follow-up workshops are also available in everything from marketing to book-keeping, plus web design.
Book-Keeping & Accounting For the Small Business
Accounting services web site Desktop Accountant has launched an online book-keeping and accounting service.
Yesterday, the club said that following Mr Rice's removal as lotto organiser, the book-keeping "discrepancies" ended.
Crain compares this pedagogic approach to merchants' book-keeping, ringing in a rather dull and static portrait by John Singleton Copley as an example of "relentless enumerating and stacking of visual elements.
The new release is aimed at reducing the time needed for the accounts preparation process by importing accounts data from the Sage Line 50 book-keeping programme in to accounting programmes such as Sage, Iris, Solution 6 and VT.
BUSINESS Connect Swansea will be holding free seminars for small businesses in Wales, on topics including self employment, advertising & promotion, business book-keeping, employing people and a 3-day business planning course.
As the gates of the jail near Washington clanged shut last night, it was revealed that Tyson is set to sign up for a course in book-keeping.
The ATO decided to assist them by producing a free, easy-to-use book-keeping system that can be run on a computer (either Windows or Macintosh) by novice users.
KIRKLEES firms have been warned about a crackdown on poor book-keeping.