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Synonyms for library

a room where books are kept

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a collection of literary documents or records kept for reference or borrowing

(computing) a collection of standard programs and subroutines that are stored and available for immediate use

a building that houses a collection of books and other materials

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This placement, along with relocating the low book stacks near the desk, realigning the tall stacks in perimeter areas with sight lines from the desk, and using full-height glass for the new partitions, allows staff to see and monitor all areas of the library from the central desk.
This enabled him to provide ease of navigation along the length of the spiralling book stacks, while also giving opportunity for more accidental forms of wandering via a series of radial axes that fan out from the central control point on the first floor.
The book stacks, including the rare books section, total 7,875 feet of shelves.
Along the south side of the main reading room, near the enormous glass wall looking out into the great heritage trees and the Florida native landscape, several sets of tables and chairs, almost concealed by the book stacks, promise privacy and quiet.
It's hard to believe that being stuck between book stacks all day is really worse than tackling yobs or fending for yourself in front of a classroom full of primary school children with attention deficit disorder.
Air conditioning ductwork and vents are hidden in book stacks or carefully concealed behind millwork or partitions that match the historic setting.
The book stacks in the old Eugene Public Library are gone, replaced by work stations for engineers.
The extensive renovation will include a children's library complete with new lights, book stacks, counter and furniture.
Your students' book stacks should be flat and equal in height.
was experiencing problems both in the main book stacks and in the periodicals department (library policy dictates that periodicals can be used only on the floor on which the department is located, though they can be borrowed).
Both book stacks and reading desks therefore need light, either natural or artificial.
GoodMovies is operated by Book Stacks Unlimited, which also operates Book Stacks, a book-selling site.
The layout of the building, with three stories of densely packed book stacks, posed a challenge for deployment of a wired or conventional wireless network.
The proximity of old and new is especially rewarding in the open-sided library, where the roof trusses and folded-wood ceiling hover protectively over the tables and book stacks.
For example, think of that librarian who kept looking through the book stacks for that best seller you've been trying to get your hands on or that worker at the city clerk's office who efficiently helped process your last-minute passport application.