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a critical review of a book (usually a recently published book)

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Writing a book review is a great way to provide a short, structured writing task that has real purpose.
On behalf of the readers, many thanks to all that contribute to the book reviews so admirably at every stage.
The newly appointed book review editor will hold the position for three years and have responsibility for three Bulletin volumes (2017-2019) of book reviews.
As in the past, we have a number of book reviews for those scholars who have an interest in interdisciplinary research and in globalization and its consequences throughout the world.
White as the book review editor, we take comfort that a grand tradition is now in place of elegant, comprehensive reviews especially prepared for WPAs.
Part of the Complete Journalism: Articles, Book Reviews, and Manuscripts, The Works of James Agee, Volume 2 follows AgeeAEs journalistic endeavors from his time at Philip Exeter Academy and his university years at Harvard during the 1920AEs, to his posts both at Fortune Magazine and Time during the 1930AEs and 40AEs.
Book reviews are written by David Plaut, 3609 Cross Bend, Plano, TX 75023.
Introducing the Issues in Teacher Education book review section.
60 book reviews (N = 60) from applied linguistics journals were randomly selected from a pool of 87 book reviews published in "Asian EFL Journal," "ESP," "System," and "TESOL Quarterly" between 2004 and 2010.
In addition to refereed articles, we also welcome book reviews or book review proposals.
We're pleased to announce ITID's new Book Reviews section, which is making its first appearance in this special issue.
A large group of youngsters recently created a series of posters containing book reviews.
I am always interested in the book reviews in your magazine as new books about the Faith are helpful in deepening our religious belief (and opening up new perspectives).
Kirkus Reviews' assets include a library of more than 300,000 book reviews and an editorial department capable of creating some 5,000 new reviews a year.
Our book reviews from the past six years are there, and we add all the reviews from the previous issue as soon as our latest issue is published.