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a critical review of a book (usually a recently published book)

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As a freelance writer, Patsy Sims has published four books, as well as articles and book reviews for many publications, including The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune.
Last Tuesday, the publisher began posting book reviews of popular publications.
com welcomes book reviews, as well as feature articles and essays of social, personal or political interest to women of color.
This is a huge breakthrough in online book reviews," says Blue Rectangle co-founder Joy Johnson.
amp; DELTA, British Columbia -- Book reviews for the following children's book titles: "Bradford and the Journey to the Desert of Lop", "The No More Night Mares, a Dream of Freedom" and "I Sea Horses, From Sky to Sea"
Enrichment options include cover images, summaries, fiction profiles, biography profiles, author notes, first chapters, excerpts, tables of contents, and book reviews.
The first part of the book reviews research on understanding how consumers experience texture when they eat, and how they perceive and describe key textural qualities such as crispness.
The first part of this book reviews the major hazards affecting fruit and vegetables such as pathogens and pesticide residues.
The final part of the book reviews the use of starch and other functional ingredients in controlling cardiovascular disease, with individual chapters on cereal beta-glucans, grain legumes and food fermentation by lactic acid bacteria.
The program provides numerous benefits to qualifying authors through securing book reviews and media coverage, direct marketing initiatives, book packaging, and co-op advertising.
Ideas comes with a bonus -- an expanded Books section, which now has four pages each week for book reviews and features.
Interviews with authors, book reviews and articles about the publishing industry are regularly featured in the magazine.
There is a planning news section, competition announcements, events, online polls, book reviews and things like that.
Despite our demand that it stop, BBR is publishing summaries of our titles under the guise of book reviews - and is doing so without our permission Today we are asking the Federal Court to enjoin BBR, so that they will stop infringing our copyright.
Black Expressions has built and reached out successfully to a community that shares and celebrates the voices and visions of African-Americans by not only offering books that touch all aspects of life but by providing exclusive author interviews, special guest editors, book reviews by members, book excerpts, and message boards for members.