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an Apocryphal book telling how Judith saved her people


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In the original Book of Judith, Achior describes the history of the inhabitants of Bethulia but never once uses the proper name of an historical figure (Judith 5.
Representing the authors' current research, the essays describe case studies of manuscripts that include the gospel book of Judith of Flanders, the Psalter of Louis IX, the Bohun Apocalypse, Fouquet's Bocaccio, and the De Lisle Psalter.
Greek and Latin versions are compared and the Vulgate is subjected to a literary analysis, before the author proceeds to a discussion of the various other forms in which the Book of Judith was known in the Middle Ages: for instance, in Hrabanus Maurus's allegorical commentary from the ninth century or in the Bible compendia by Alexander de Villa Dei and Heinrich von Mugeln.
Holofernes: From the Old Testament Book of Judith, Nebuchadnezzar's general who invaded Bethulia; Judith saved the city by seducing and beheading the drunken commander
1) True to the poet's own pledge to write only about sacred subjects, the poem's narrative rarely strays from the original Book of Judith.
Like the Books of the Maccabees, the Book of Judith is part of the Apocrypha, narratives written after the Torah.
That the theme of women and power is deeply implicated in Western cultural consciousness is as evident in the ancient biblical book of Judith as it is in more recent poetry by women.
The Book of Judith is seldom read in our assembly, perhaps because it's a rather gory tale.
Beyond the church, though, the Book of Judith (regarded by biblical scholars as folktale rather than history) has long fascinated the Western world.
Judith Biblical character, the beautiful widow whose story is told in the apocryphal Book of Judith.
Other highlights of the event include A Festival of Choirs at Sefton Park Palm House, the UK premiere of Toronto playwright Michael Rubenfeld's experimental musical The Book of Judith, and the chance to see artist Tanya Raabe create a live portrait of disability actor and writer Nabil Shaban.