Book of Hosea

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an Old Testament book telling Hosea's prophecies

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It is to this situation that the book of Hosea is directed.
To be sure, the choice not to engage in a thorough text-critical study of the book of Hosea is that of the editors of the FOTL series (p.
Surely the text of the book of Hosea changed through the course of that period, and the impression of a "polylithic" text is further supported by the various discrepancies between MT and LXX (see, e.
There thus exists a problematic oscillation between MT's consonantal text as embodying the fixed and singularly authoritative tradition, and MT's Masoretic notations as overriding (or at least providing a valuable alternative to) the "present book of Hosea.
In turn, the aforementioned ambiguity leads back to the question of the small group of literati for and among whom the book of Hosea was written.
Perhaps we could invite our hearers into the place where one can hear the weeping of Jesus over Jerusalem, or the lamenting of the Lord in the book of Hosea.
This book first lists general monographs and articles concerning the book of Hosea and then it provides listings for individual chapters and verses.
The book of Hosea, according to Holt, is a "patchwork" made up of two collections of prophecies going back to Hosea or his immediate circle (a discussion of the book's peculiar diction would have been in order here).
Holt has presented a very meticulous analysis of the pertinent pericopes in the Book of Hosea, emphasizing their redactional forms and she often deals with the meaning of difficult words and expressions.
Holt's own contribution is obscured by perpetual dialogue with previous scholars, but it will certainly enlighten and stimulate all interested in the formation and meaning of the book of Hosea.