Book of Genesis

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the first book of the Old Testament: tells of Creation

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She is only mentioned sporadically as the Book of Genesis proceeds.
The project, Writers on View, matched poets and novelists up with artists, or more specifically, with commissioned artworks inspired by the book of Genesis.
Instead, the Book of Genesis declared: And God said, 'Let there be lights'.
I think I'm correct in saying that cigarettes, including Camels, didn't exist in the time spanned by the book of Genesis.
But in The Book of Genesis Illustrated, published in October 2009 after four years of labor, the legendary American graphic artist brings the ancient words of Genesis to life in front of his readers' eyes.
THE BOOK OF GENESIS ILLUSTRATED concludes nearly five years of work and comes from one of the biggest names in underground comics.
The book of Genesis, a book which is at least 2,500 years old - and will probably call on traditions that are much older - gave us the best science of the day, to incorporate some fundamental truths.
All the vitally important sites in Jewish history are covered, spanning the timeline from the Book of Genesis to Israel's current endeavors to maintain their sovereignty.
Satirical US cartoonist Robert Crumb has completed of his interpretation of the Book of Genesis.
One of the topics of this site is a commentary that the third day of creation account in the book of Genesis is actually a prophecy of the third day resurrection of Jesus Christ.
A creationist claims there is no such thing as evolution and believes in the literal truth of the Book of Genesis.
Based on the Biblical story of Jacob from the book of Genesis, this program is not meant to take the place of treatment by a physician, rather, it offers additional help in making desirable lifestyle changes.
The book of Genesis says "man was made by the Gods in their likeness".
RAI state TV began its programme, The Bible Day and Night, with the Pope reciting the first chapter of the book of Genesis - the holy text's opening verses about the creation of the world.
While the choice is not incorrect, it fails consistently to translate other instances of the same verb in the Book of Genesis as discussed above.