Epistle to the Galatians

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a New Testament book containing the epistle from Saint Paul to the Galatians

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In fact, The Book of Galatians has been called the Christian's Declaration of Independence.
Just as Theodore interprets the content of the book of Galatians as a whole in light of the basic categories of his theological vision, so his interpretation of individual verses sheds light on his distinctive approach.
Patience is listed in the Biblical book of Galatians as one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, and I discovered that it is not about being calm and gentle.
His Church of Eugene - Ruth Crow, author, lecturer, educator and tutor of dyslexic children, will discuss "Freedom" from the New Testament book of Galatians on Sunday at 10:30 a.
The idea of sharing one another's needs is an instruction given to Christians in the book of Galatians, Chapter 6 verse 2 of the Bible," said Baldwin.