Epistle to the Ephesians

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a New Testament book containing the epistle from Saint Paul to the Ephesians which explains the divine plan for the world and the consummation of this in Christ

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Ben Allen Kitchens, Corrie Reed read a passage from the book of Colossians, and Madison King read from the book of Ephesians.
Elyjoy read from the book of Ephesians and Carole Paxman spoke onWaiting for God's Promise.
COMMENTING on his years as a bishop, Archbishop Patrick Kelly has drawn strength from the book of Ephesians, Chapter three, verses 20-21.
Ephesians--Finding True Love" is meant to be a scriptural guide for today's younger woman and will appeal primarily to that audience, however, the practical illustrations and study material can easily be modified for use by any serious young person looking for Biblical truths from the book of Ephesians.
Sunday services, with a sermon on the book of Ephesians, held in the first-floor movie theater of Encino Town Center, 17200 Ventura Blvd.
The bible reading continued from the book of Ephesians and was read by Carole Paxman.