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organ in many arachnids containing many thin folds of membrane resembling the leaves of a book

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Keywords: Oxygen consumption, book lungs, mygalomorph spider
The book lungs are two paired organs located within the abdomen of spiders in an inextensible chitinous cavity called the atrium (Foelix 1996).
In this study we hypothesized that Grammostola rosea Walckenaer 1837, an active predator of large size which depends entirely on its two paired book lungs, has a low energy strategy based on large respiratory surface area and a thin air-hemolymph barrier.
65 g) were sacrificed, and their book lungs were carefully extracted and immersed in 2.
8 is from the same section at higher magnification to show differences in sizes, shapes and staining intensities of the nuclei of the cells that delineate the separate organs and the slender elongated nuclei of hypodermal cells that line the air pockets of the book lungs.
1 resulted in coloration only in nuclei of the book lung and other somatic tissues adjacent to the testis, but the sperm remained unstained (Table 1, Fig.
16) accumulation of reaction product is prominent in the zymogen granules of gut diverticula, the ducts of silk glands and the walls of the air pockets in the book lung (Fig.