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Synonyms for boob

an ignorant or foolish person

either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman

commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake

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A third of women said the urge to compare their boobs with other women's was constant.
Her Facebook post, which was uploaded on Thursday morning, read: "Ok folks another 'game' for breast cancer awareness is to hold a coke can in between your boobs and post on social media I shall get right on that one shall I?
According to the Clinic Compare study, Birmingham is the UK city where plastic surgery is most popular, with 1,089 procedures being arranged during the first nine moths of this year - including boob jobs, nose jobs and liposuction.
I've lost three-and-a-half inches around my waist in the last couple of months and I think it emphasises my boobs even more.
Man Boobs are normally a "hands off" subject and Wise may have neglected sensitivity in favor of a few chuckles, however he claims that the biggest mistake guys make for lifting their "Manary Cans" (not Mammary Glands) is they try to strengthen them directly with more joint loading, which may work in the short run but it actually makes them larger in the long run.
BOOBS BUT ROUND I mean, YOU CAN DON'T LOOK WITH A I'm not saying a nice set of boobs isn't attractive, but to the point where it looks like you have two human heads up your top?
Now Sarah has paid for sisters Emma, 23, and 18-year-old Alex to have a boob job.
In Bedroom Eyes, 2002-2004, Scott Teplin's felt-tip pen notes-to-self at the head and foot of a fitted bedsheet--NOW THAT I'VE DECIDED TO MAKE THIS BED ART I MIGHT HAVE TO WIPE MY BOOGERS ON THE BEDSTAND--float amid a constellation of doodled boob-like eyeballs, eyeball-like boobs, and pairs of boys' underwear.
If you've got big boobs don't wear high poloneck jumpers.
Young women DO get breast cancer' is the main decree espoused by a group of young survivors in Virginia called Beyond Boobs who have become passionate breast health advocates offering women hope, inspiration and information that can save lives.
Mum-of-five Katie, whose breast size has fluctuated between 32B and 34FF, said: "I'm getting my boobs done again - my Christmas prezzie to myself.
London, December 25 ( ANI ): Ke$ha has revealed that she uses her boobs to play the piano when coming up with new tracks.
According to WEAR-TV, Christina Andrews of Pensacola wanted bigger boobs but instead of getting a loan or saving up she advertised her need on a bright pink billboard she held up at the side of the road.
I wonder if Katie Price knew she was a worthwhile person before she had her boobs pumped up?