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United States writer (1902-1973)

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Wright was on the payroll along with established and emerging talents such as Margaret Walker, Frank Yerby, and eventually Bontemps himself, who joined the Project in 1937.
For example, there is no treatment of works by Arna Bontemps or Sterling Brown or Albert Murray, neither as creative writers nor as men of letters and critics.
Work in the area of Keystone and concern: - final adjustments of the feet of frontage macro-batch A4, B4 and the facilities A5b-final Bontemps center Marcel Street, Avenue Pierre Lefaucheux center and Avenue Emile Zola- site servicing and interim development of roads east of Keystone (phase 2) to prepare the area for future projects.
Vincent de Macon, Burgundy; the Society of Wine Educators; and the Commanderie du Bontemps, Bordeaux.
Corrington, Tony Early, Truman Capote, Kaye Gibbons, Doris Betts, Reynolds Price, Arna Bontemps, Erskine Caldwell, Allan Gurganus, Z.
Hughes's translations--"Really I Know," "Trite Without Doubt," and "She Left Herself One Evening"--were collected in The Poetry of the Negro, 1746-1949, an anthology that Hughes co-edited in 1949 with Area Bontemps.
Laurent Depiot, president of JDL, a master wine maker and the youngest member inducted into the prestigious Commanderie du Bontemps du Medoc and Graves AOC, commented, "We have studied the pHarlo technology for use in the wine industry for over nine months and are anxious to begin our partnership as a distributor.
Ascutney has chosen us as their partner as they migrate to a new model of healthcare," said Evan Bontemps, founder and chief executive officer of Exavera.
In order to achieve that, the speed and accessibility of our Web site are both extremely important," said Jongnic (JB) Bontemps, application development manager for Bluefly, Inc.
Saunders Redding, Darwin Turner, Arna Bontemps, Addison Gayle, Jay Martin, Gossie Hudson, Peter Revell, and yes, even William Dean Howells, among others who have left their indelible if sometimes controversial, marks on Dunbar scholarship.
Bontemps brings over six years experience in technical support for remote business user groups.
Intermarche has very advanced ideas and aggressive operational goals," said Philippe Bontemps, Voxware's Director of Sales for France.
Bontemps particularly extolled Dunbar's short story "The Trustfulness of Polly," with its setting in Black New York's policy rackets, which Bontemps claimed anticipated the work of an entire generation of Black writers ("The Black Contribution to American Letters" 747, 759).
Bontemps, NEGEN's Founder and Chief Executive Officer, will become President of a newly formed subsidiary of Exus Networks, Inc.