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a dwarfed ornamental tree or shrub grown in a tray or shallow pot

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Finally, place your bonsai tree outdoors in a sheltered spot out of hot sun and keep it well watered.
Marshall Winer of the Sansui-Kai Club of Southern California welcomes visitors to the bonsai tree display with ``Willie'' the mascot on his shoulder, a green-feathered parrot with a fuzzy gray crown.
The cost of a Bonsai tree can range from pounds 10 to thousands of pounds and they can be cared for easily, sometimes by just spending as little as ten minutes a day on them.
and Al and Anne Campbell have 3,000 bonsai trees to nurture
Photo: (1) Lil Tompkins, left, and Akira Kimura look at a bonsai tree Saturday in a festival at the Valley Japanese-American Community Center.
And there was a bronze award for gardener Anne Campbell's eye-catching Bonsai tree display.
The bonsai tree was brought to Japan 1,000 years ago by Chinese monks, and as with so many things, the Japanese improved on it (or so they thought) by making it more formal.
It shows a beautiful picture of a bonsai tree with the caption stating ``Decorating touches such as bonsai trees can make an office or home work space more personal.
The pair were spotted earlier this week on a visit to the Bonsai Tree Farm in Suffolk with his mum and dad - a far cry from her TV role of battling aliens and saving the world.
Another work, Garden, consists of a table, overlaid with grass and a bonsai tree, to create a miniature landscape.
Geoffrey Smith tends to a 20-year-old beech bonsai tree in Halesowen yesterday.
In this one a dragon grows from the bonsai tree which appears to grow from a girl's head.
99 Bring the outside in with this beautiful bonsai tree, Homebase; from pounds 12 These patterned vases are perfect displayed on your windowsill, Next; pounds 29 Create a chill-out corner with this seated Buddha, The Pier; pounds 22 Liven up your living room with yellow floral wallpaper, Laura Ashley Home; pounds 35 Keep your bits and bobs in this elegant ceramic chest of drawers, The Pier; pounds 9.
QWHAt should I do with my new bonsai tree during the winter?
Wirral Bonsai Tree Society is now boasting more than 50 members, and special classes are being held at garden centres and night schools across the region to introduce people to the art form.