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a city in western Germany on the Rhine River

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In his speech as chairman of the Bonn conference, Brahimi called for full cooperation between the factional leaders.
If we go to Bonn for you then who will guarantee our security?
Presidential advisor on border and tribal affairs, Shahzada Massoud, also insisted that the participation of youth in the jirga and the Bonn conference should be ensured.
Natiqi said he expects security issues and women's rights in Afghanistan would also be taken up during the Bonn conference.
Lisa Curtis, a South Asia expert at the Heritage Foundation, also argued that Pakistan's boycott of the Bonn conference would be a damaging blow to President Barack Obama's long-term strategy on Afghanistan.
Whiling describing the overall atmosphere of the Bonn conference as good, Vendrell said there have been clashes between the factions both in bilateral talks and during the plenary session.
In any case, from Washington to London, Paris, Bonn and Rome, President Clinton and other allied leaders have repeatedly promised their publics that it would never happen.
Construction and equipping of five to be delivered truck - chassis as assistance delete vehicle (HLF 20) according to DIN 14530 Part 27 for the fire brigade Bonn.
The United Nations-brokered conference on the future of Afghanistan will be held in Bonn, not in Berlin as originally planned, the German Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.
Newbury Park High School choral director Michael Bonn said his singers are looking forward to the concert.
Nasdaq:LAVA), a provider of semiconductor design software, today announced it has licensed IBM technology for physical synthesis and routing that was developed through IBM's long-term relationship with the Research Institute of Discrete Mathematics at the University of Bonn in Germany.
Contract notice: Federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure, in bonn "electronics / telecommunications in accordance with din 18 382".