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Synonyms for bonito

flesh of mostly Pacific food fishes of the genus Sarda of the family Scombridae

fish whose flesh is dried and flaked for Japanese cookery

any of various scombroid fishes intermediate in size and characteristics between mackerels and tunas

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We are honored to have Bonita BPM 7 recognized as Gold status by the Golden Bridge Awards.
Crunch Bonita Spring is owned and operated by CorpoMente LLC.
9-10 Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs Youth Theater Presents: Louder + Faster = Funnier, An Evening of One Act Plays at Promenade at Bonita Bay, (239) 495-8989.
Individuals can map critical processes in Bonita Studio and then send data to Sekimia's software suite via an XML connector.
Over the past year, we experienced extraordinary growth as a company, registering our 100th customer and recording the 500,000th download of Bonita.
The new release is designed to provide improvements on the cloud-ready architecture introduced in Bonita Open Solution 5.
Bonita, 22, was initially said to have suffered only a minor back injury in becoming the youngest British woman to climb the 29,035ft peak.
When Bonita told us she wanted to climb Everest, I admit we had reservations.
Jacqui Andrews, her mother, said: "We've been behind Bonita every step of the way and we can't wait to welcome her home in a couple of days' time.
Jacqui Andrews, her mother, said: "We are so proud of Bonita in completing this amazing achievement.
Bonita should include in the document the following four conditions:
Bonita Leiber is a staff nurse on the pediatric Progressive Care Unit at St.
Tearful Donna Morrell rushed two-month-old Bonita to hospital because she feared the tot was poorly.
The newest addition to the Smarties series of educational and entertaining children's books, Busy Body Bonita is a children's picturebook written from the perspective of Bonita, a young girl with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).
Kids need to not only be comfortable using computers, but they need to know how to use these tools effectively in the workplace,'' said fifth-grade teacher Bonita DeAmicis, who was among the first teachers to use computer tools in the classroom at Highlands and now trains other teachers on using them.