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a small drum


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BRUCIE BONUS: Action movies help with English SLIDESHOW BOB'S: Visitors to David Luiz's London home will see a framed print of his first Chelsea goal and enjoy an evening of beef, bongo drums and dancing .
TREASURES: Children dressed up as pirates doing a routine for guests at the opening IN TUNE: Joint for, left, Newsham Primary pupils doing a dance and, right, the school orchestra performing BANG ON: Pupils at Newsham Primary School celebrated the opening by playing their bongo drums
FIFA President Sepp Blatter said vuvuzelas are as typical of South African football as bongo drums or chants in other countries.
Fifa President Sepp Blatter rejected calls for them to be banned, saying they are as typical of South African football as bongo drums or chants in other countries.
Students and singers were armed with tambourines, bongo drums and miscellaneous percussion devices with the sole intention of having a great musical time.
I'm as hard to play as a Stradivarius, you lot are like a set of old bongo drums.
COOL KIDS: Jacob Hammond, Alfie Conway and Thomas Weepers; STIR IT UP: Harry Emerson, above; ON THE BEAT: Amelia Oyston plays the bongo drums, left; IN THE BALANCE: Anya Cullum and Alex Maddren; FOAM FUN: Alfie Conway is covered in shaving foam after a creative session, left; MR MAKER: Cameron Wilkins, above; SIGN LANGUAGE: Etienne Fityo-White, Abigail Appleby and Clarissa Hooton, right; MIX IT: Bethany Meynell and Keira Waugh, right; ARTISTS AT WORK: Painting pictures for their mums are Abigail Appleby and Rebekah King, right; SMILER: George Maddren climbs through the tunnel, left; SMOOTH OPERATOR: Lexi Wanley irons socks in the home corner, left; FUN 'BATH' TIME: For Rosie Frank, Amelia Pullen and Thomas Weepers, above
The crew wine and dine you and might even get out the bongo drums if they're not climbing up the rigging to unfurl the sails.
They play each other like instruments: Two bodies arched backwards form a harp, an upside-down dancer resembles a cello, and two dancers' bottoms become bongo drums.
It doesn't fit with the stereotypical perception of reggae as dreads and bongo drums.
It is an even safer bet that it has never seen an archbishop of the Church of England pounding the bongo drums at his own inauguration or anyone else's for that matter .
A lot of people ask how someone like Richard Feynman, who played the bongo drums, loved practical jokes, and was an amateur safecracker and a bon vivant, could also win a Nobel Prize in Physics ("Dr.
The theory that no song is so good it can't be improved with lush strings, wokka-wokka guitars and bongo drums may not go down with everyone, but it worked last night.
We'll see whether Guster goes back to being just three guys with two guitars and a set of bongo drums.