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None of those included were taking drugs or hormones that influence bone metabolism, such as glucocorticoids, estrogens, thyroid hormone, fluoride, bisphosphonate, calcitonin, thiazide diuretics, barbiturates, vitamin D, or calcium- containing drugs.
Inflammation induced by obesity inhibits the synthesis and secretion of adiponectin from adipose tissue, which may in turn have consequences on bone metabolism.
Dried plum's unique capacity to reverse bone loss and alter bone metabolism in postmenopausal osteoporosis model.
In this paper we will discuss the prevalence of MBD in patients on long-term PN, the effect of PN on bone metabolism, and finally the evaluation and management
professor of neurology, cell biology, neurobiology and anatomy, found abnormalities in serum markers of bone metabolism in sleep-deprived rats, which led them to conduct direct measurements of bone parameters; this time in rats experiencing recurrent sleep restriction during a large portion of their young adulthood.
Under the agreement, OPKO will provide a panel of assays, including Vitamin D for bone metabolism, immune health, and inflammation to be used on its Claros-1 portable analyzer.
The commercial release of the Mouse Sclerostin ELISA serves to expand ALPCO's current bone metabolism portfolio which consists of assays including Human Sclerostin, Human Osteoprotegerin and sRANKL, Mouse/Rat Osteoprotegerin and sRANKL as well as kits specific for Human and Rodent Osteocalcin.
Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine the effect of short-term (2 weeks) high-impact jump activity on bone metabolism in female college-aged non-athletes.
An introduction offers two-page spreads on musculoskeletal structure and function, calcium homeostasis and bone metabolism, history and examination, and imaging.
An important question is whether these exercise-related health problems occur from an energy deficit, in which calories consumed do not meet calories needed for the increased level of physical activity, or from excess stress that alters the hormones regulating menstrual function and bone metabolism.
Among the PGs that had been found to affect bone metabolism (E1, E2, A1, and F2-alpha), PGE2 stimulated osteoblas- tic cell differentiation and new bone formation, coupling bone resorption in vitro.
A team of researchers now claims to have shown that a protein best known for its role in bone metabolism may play a key role in hormone-driven breast cancers.
This handbook collects recent international research on the biochemical and molecular actions of food on bone metabolism and prevention of osteoporosis in animals and humans.
Biochemical markers of bone metabolism in animals: uses and limitations.