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Synonyms for cancer

Synonyms for cancer

any malignant growth or tumor caused by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division

(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Cancer

a small zodiacal constellation in the northern hemisphere

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the fourth sign of the zodiac

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He added: "She had advanced bone marrow cancer which she had an operation for.
Bob Phillis, former deputy director-general of the BBC, passed away December 22, 2009 of bone marrow cancer.
NICE, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, has only approved the drug for use in multiple myeloma, a rare and incurable type of bone marrow cancer.
Apart from lung cancer, the most common cancer types seen in Turkey are prostate cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer and bone marrow cancer.
Ann Hallam is battling bone marrow cancer and is looking forward to watching her daughter's Olympics matches from afar.
Celgene said it expects to generate $240 million to $245 million in fourth-quarter sales of Revlimid, its top-selling drug for multiple myeloma, a bone marrow cancer.
Campaigners accused the NHS advisory body today of misleading patients over a bone marrow cancer drug.
A SCOTTISH international blind bowler died just a day after being diagnosed with bone marrow cancer.
Sandy Hart, Grant High of Van Nuys' brave athletic trainer who touched the football team and community with her courage throughout a 15-year fight with bone marrow cancer, died Monday afternoon at the age of 46 from complications following a bone marrow transplant in Little Rock, Ark.
In Europe, some 77,000 patients and their families are affected by multiple myeloma, an increasingly common and treatable, yet still incurable form of bone marrow cancer.
Researchers now report that a drug called bortezomib, already approved for use against the bone marrow cancer multiple myeloma, helped patients with mantle-cell lymphoma who had failed to improve on three previous treatment regimens.
Wu, who had led the diocese for 27 years, had been hospitalized since late August for myeloma, a bone marrow cancer.
Jerome Lucassen, an Oildom Publishing sales representative in the European market, succumbed to complications from bone marrow cancer on July 4, in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands.
He was 55 and had suffered from bone marrow cancer since last summer.
Philip Wagley, a pioneer in the teaching of medical ethics and a board member of The Hastings Center since 1982, died 13 July 2000 at his home in Baltimore, Maryland, of bone marrow cancer.