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a holder of bonds issued by a government or corporation

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The bondholders, Rainbow Global High Yield Fund, Argo Capital Investors Fund SPC, The Star Fund and The Rainmac Fund ('the Funds') hold in excess of 65% of the 13-1/4 Senior Notes due 2008, governed by New York law.
Among its challenges to the voting, the company has asserted that Apollo and Lehman, as driving members of the Bondholders Committee, improperly locked up creditor votes in connection with the settlement agreement prior to the solicitation period, in essence binding a number of creditors to their plan in violation of bankruptcy laws.
The long-term rating reflects bondholder reliance on timely principal and interest payment from the commodity swap provider (Calyon) to FGU (which are supported by payments from UBS to Calyon paid on the same day), UBS' ability to meet its obligation to make a final termination payment in the event a termination of the project occurs for any reason, and reserve funds sufficient to pay bondholders between any potential timing delay between a termination of the Purchase Agreement and redemption of bondholders.
The number of shares of common stock to be issued to the Bondholders under the Plan will depend on the average market price (the "Average Market Price") for Federated common stock for the 30 consecutive trading days ending on the sixth trading day prior to the effective date of the Plan, subject to a collar provision, which will provide for an Average Market Price no greater than $23 and no less than $18.
The rating reflects the ultimate obligation of UBS to pay bondholders in full in the event of a commodity swap provider default.
Bondholders may tender their bonds on any business day, provided the remarketing agent is given the requisite prior notice of the purchase.
The Bondholders' Committee has determined to allocate the consideration to the bondholders under the Macy's revised plan on the basis of a 2.
However, Fitch notes that untimely delivery of financial information is not only a violation of a hospital's obligation to provide bondholders with continuing disclosure, but also may indicate financial distress or, at a minimum, poor management practices.
The range of possible implications for bondholders are broad and include prepayment, downgrades, and restructuring.
In addition to the payments made to creditors of the banks by the FDIC, the Trustee has distributed approximately $50 million to creditors and bondholders of the holding company to date.
If the County wants the support of the bond markets, bondholders expect the County to put its own financial house in order before taking responsibility for any investment losses of others.
The long-term 'AA' rating on the NYW water and sewer system second general resolution revenue bonds reflects the unique structural protections for bondholders, sound financial operations, adequate water supply, and moderate rates.
its principal stockholder, major bondholders and creditor committees today filed a Consensual Plan of Reorganization in Tampa bankruptcy court, paving the way for the company to emerge from Chapter 11 early next year.
Whitebox believes the company's current proposal significantly undervalues the contractual rights that bondholders would be giving up.
If successful, the lawsuit would eliminate a substantial portion of the collateral securing the claims of bondholders.