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an evaluation by a rating company of the probability that a particular bond issue will default

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The sovereign or the bank's Outlook or Rating Watch determines the status of most covered bond ratings not on Stable Outlook.
This study also extends a broad literature that has attempted to explain bond ratings at the state level.
By maintaining its bond ratings, the city is expected to save an estimated $2.
Ba1 from B2 with a negative outlook, and is now at the same level as the Slovenian government bond rating.
17 October 2011 - Fitch on Friday downgraded the rating on the mortgage-backed bonds issued by Portuguese bank Santander Totta to AA- from AA with "negative" outlook and maintained the A+ covered bond rating of Banco Popular Portugal on "negative" watch.
According to the bill analysis, only charter schools that show "both academic and financial integrity" would be able to use the state's bond rating.
Unfortunately, accounting studies that employ bond ratings (as either independent or dependent variable measures) do not address the issue of split bond ratings because such studies do not use more than one bond rating source (e.
When fed detailed, publicly available financial information on companies issuing bonds, the neural network predicted established bond ratings better than the typical mathematical procedures used by bond raters, says Shekhar.
The cost of credit -- how much taxpayers will be asked to pay out over time for innumerable long-term projects -- depends directly upon bond ratings.
In particular, the withdrawal affected the company's Ca corporate family and senior secured bond ratings.
If this drags out for a month or two, it's probably going to affect our bond ratings,'' Gewe said last week.
John Moody published the first public bond ratings, for railroad bonds, in 1909.
Meanwhile, Moody's Investors Service and Fitch Ratings have reaffirmed their bond ratings for the city from the previous year, with Moody's at Aa3 and Fitch at AA-.