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British secret operative 007 in novels by Ian Fleming


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USA], Mar 16 ( ANI ): Oscar-winning filmmaker Danny Boyle has revealed he is working on a script for the next James Bond movie.
Bosses at Eon Productions are refusing to comment on talks with Beyonce, but a senior executive at Hollywood studio MGM, which distributes every James Bond movie, said: "Daniel Craig's decision this month to return as Bond has thrown everything into overdrive.
However, he confirmed after a few months that no one has contacted or approached him for the upcoming Bond movie.
gross for the last Bond movie, "Skyfall," in 2012, the studio said in a statement.
We had Jonathan Ross on Loose Women last week and we tapped him for all the gossip he got when filming his Bond movie special.
We talked about what we love about Bond movies and I offered him the job, which was not my job to do.
I remember as a child coming across my first Bond movie, Octopussy.
A watch worn by Daniel Craig in the upcoming James Bond movie 'Skyfall' has been sold for more than $250,000 at a Christie's auction.
But the director said in London that the "fantastic script" had "all the elements of a classic Bond movie, including - to quell any rumours - lots of action".
MGM has long hung its hat on its James Bond movies, of course, but I learned Bond's survival secret when I was an executive at that studio and actually greenlit a Bond movie.
MOVIE-mad millionaires are queueing up to register for an upcoming James Bond car sale - the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Bond movie car is up for auction, and is expected to fetch in excess of pounds 3.
THE opening sequence of the new Bond movie will be the longest yet, stretching to 30 minutes before the credits appear.
The title of the new Bond movie was announced yesterday - Quantum of Solace.
As a take from the James Bond movie, Never Say Never Again, Agent 008: The Untold Story depicts the story of a world-wide engagement of the renowned spy from the streets of New York City charged with eliminating the merciless Yoshomoto who is suspect to the plot of killing thousands of Americans.