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If it is cash collateral, they must deposit with the Treasury of the City of Alcudia; if this is immobilization certificates listed securities, guarantees or insurance bond certificates must be submitted in the documentation required at the most advantageous offer.
11 million bond certificates were issued under the ticker symbol "GAP 15", at a nominal value of MXN100 each, for a total value of MXN1.
The kinds of stocks and bonds I deal with represent insight into financial history People like me who buy them are scripophilists, collectors of historical stock and bond certificates.
So it was a case of hunting for the Premium Bond certificates.
In order to hide the illegal profits from lending money, the four suspects earlier bought bearer bond certificates worth 4,296 million yen from Japanese banks.
Dig out your Bond certificates and let us check them.
Then he won't get the money," responded Levine, who has been burned only a few times in the past 20 years, sometimes over lost stock or bond certificates that later surfaced.
The administrative hassle of documenting share ownership on paper was underscored in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy flooded a DTCC vault in Manhattan, damaging stock and bond certificates.
Key Characteristics & Benefits The IP package includes a family of sophisticated and robust solutions for authenticating objects such as labels or hang-tags placed on items, coatings, molded substrates, currency bills, and stock and bond certificates.
WHEN KEVIN LEWIS NEEDED more collateral to stabilize his financial positions, he allegedly printed up bond certificates.
The Lehman number 1 will be auctioned as Lot 77 together with 900 other old stock and bond certificates in Wuerzburg (Germany) on 5 November 2011.
Summary: DUBAI - Al Fardan Exchange has launched a campaign to reward its clients with a range of gifts from cars to prepaid cards, remittance vouchers and National Bond certificates.
DTC is the central depository for the brokerage community where stock and bond certificates are deposited or transferred by the broker participants.
DIC) demands redemption of the bond certificates issued earlier by the government to the DIC.
Scripophily [scrip-ah-fil-ly] is the hobby's name of collecting old stock and bond certificates.