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British secret operative 007 in novels by Ian Fleming


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The stars of the recently unveiled 23rd James Bond 007 film, Skyfall, have been talking to us about their roles.
JAMES Nesbitt never looks like a suave Bond 007 figure but there is no doubting his acting capabilities.
Tiger Tiger at The Gate in Newcastle is having a James Bond 007 themed ball for New Years Eve 2007.
Circuit City: The James Bond 007 Collection: Special Edition, seven-disc DVD set, $74.
Schreiber: When Sean Connery was named to receive an Academy Award this year, I wonder how many people noticed that the orchestra struck up the "James Bond 007 Theme" as he walked to the stage.
GOLDEN EYE - Playstation 2 with the games James Bond 007 Agent Under Fire and James Bond 007 Nightfire;
For 40 years, James Bond 007 has thrilled global cinema audiences, nonchalantly saving the world with a shaken-not-stirred vodka martini in one hand and a Walther PPK in the other.
Since LB Ericsson AB gave James Bond 007 a GSM phone that doubled as remote control for a BMW, handset manufacturers have been chasing Nokia's lead with handheld computers that are also mobile phones.
An Austin A45 Picture: RICHARD WILLIAMS An Aston Martin DB5 with a James Bond 007 number plate 050715CLASSICCARS_06Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY
In a specially filmed segment, the Queen was seen parachute in to the stadium from a helicopter along with her most famous secret agent James Bond 007 played by actor Daniel Craig.
Last night was the finale of the festival featuring Licensed to Thrill - the music of James Bond 007 with the Orchestra of the National Opera.
KNIGHT OUT Keira and Sienna; GEM'S BOND 007 girl Arterton
Not long now before Daniel Craig is back as James Bond 007 in QUANTUM OF SOLACE which opens at Hallowe'en next Friday - review next week.
Guests will be offered a "James Bond 007 cocktail" on arrival while other treats on the menu will include Oddjob pate on leaves, Blofeld rustic bread and a Miss Moneypenny sweet.