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French general who became emperor of the French (1769-1821)

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Before the 1952 military coup d'etat, which brought an end to centuries of foreign rule, Egypt had been governed by Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arab Muslim conquerors, North African Fatimids, Ayyubids, Mamluk, Ottoman Turks, French Bonapartist, the Albanian dynasty of Muhammad Ali, and lastly, the British.
Le Figaro: "The Estates General, deadlocked among the Legitimist, Orleanist, and Bonapartist candidates, today offered the throne of France to Prince Louis Napoleon of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha .
The tendency of identifying as direct and authentic representation of the nation, doubled by the indignation toward the political authority, prevalence of orientation toward the long-term temporal horizon and toward the international politics field rather than to the internal politics, respectively by the praetorian tendencies, certifies the approach of intelligence structures formulated from the perspective of the Bonapartist Model (19).
Turkish-Israeli ties were forged when Turkey was under the shadow of its Bonapartist generals who arrogated to themselves the right to dictate state policies.
Thus Heinrich Heine, poet and Bonapartist, wrote in 1828, on the caprice of history.
Countess d'Hulst feeds me milk as if nursing a baby, as if I were still Papa Leopold's little angel, the tiny chestnut-haired Bonapartist, because I cannot let you go.
It was after Napoleon's pyrrhic victory at Eylau in February 1807 that Talleyrand first plotted treason against Napoleon, suddenly resigning that August when he came to suspect that the Bonapartist adventure might end badly.
Siddiqa added: "A Bonapartist would never appoint a Bonapartist around him.
More relevant was the time of their advent on the political scene, when the yearning for civil order and a resolute statesman of Bonapartist calibre ran deep.
Beginning with the Revolution, therefore, and with a few notable exceptions (the post-Restoration salon of Juliette Recamier in particular), the clientele of Parisian salons reflected the political cleavages of the era: legitimist, Bonapartist, Orleanist, Republican, and all their intermediary variations.
Much of the Left initially remained aloof from Chavez, variously denouncing him as a Bonapartist, reformist, or caudillo.
After the Constitution is finally approved, the agreement of the 25 member states will be required to repeal a concordat--be it Bonapartist, Hitterian, pro-Franco, Mussolinian or Salazarist.
As the family was staunchly Bonapartist, in the next generation the Comtesse de La Bedoyere was one of the thirteen ladies in waiting appointed by the Empress Eugenie, who gave her a very fine watch and chatelaine bearing the crowned imperial cipher.
53) Fascism has been cogently described as "capitalism under the gun," meaning that when faced with an organized and militant working-class opposition to its rule, the first impulse of capitalists is to opt for "stability" of production and profits over democratic structures, even if it means resorting to bonapartist military rule or fascism.